Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Top 10 Philippine Call Centers

Here are our 2010 rankings for the top ten call centers in the Philippines.

1. Teletech - TeleTech's strength has been in their ability to provide services and integrated solutions that give intelligence to companies throughout their customer service cycle. TeleTech offers software and people who can look deeper into customer interactions.


2. Convergys - Convergys provides comprehensive outsourced B2B and B2C customer support functions, as well as services for internal call center operations. Convergys has excelled at providing customer service to mobile phone users.


3. Sitel - Sitel offers a variety of outsourced customer interaction solutions covering each stage of the customer lifecycle - customer selection, customer acquisition, customer retention and customer extension.


4. Teleperformance - Teleperformance began operations in the Philippines in 1996 and has grown to become a preferred offshore contact center outsourcing option to the Philippines, North America (U.S. and Canada), Australia and New Zealand.

Teleperformance operates more than 7,000+ workstations from 6 contact centers located in and around Manila and Bacolod City.


5. Hit Rate Solutions offers customer service, telemarketing, and direct response campaigns from their call center in Bacolod.


6. Transcom - Transcom is a leading global Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) provider, delivering cost-effective solutions while optimising efficiency and quality for their clients. Along with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Credit Management Services (CMS) solutions, Transcom also provides CRM consulting, translation and interpretation, and legal services.

7. E Pacific Global - ePacific Global Through operational excellence, technology innovation, and global skill set sourcing; ePacific Global provides end-customer satisfaction and incremental client revenue at a reduced cost.


8. Aegis People Support - This is not a pre-recorded message. Aegis Communications Group (which does business as Aegis BPO) provides outsourced telemarketing and customer care services through more than 30 facilities in the US and India. It handles both inbound and outbound calling services, order provisioning, and multilingual communications programs. Besides teleservices, Aegis offers online customer services such as e-mail responses, real-time chat, and data collection. Major clients have included AT&T, American Express, Qwest Communications, and Western Union. India-based investment firm Essar Group owns Aegis, which expanded in late 2008 when it acquired rival customer service provider PeopleSupport. Aegis was established in 1985.
An Essar Group enterprise, Aegis offers the benefits of the global delivery model, strong financial strength, deep domain expertise, comprehensive and flexible solutions offerings, and a rich international talent pool.

9. Support Save - Support Save provides a variety of Business Process Outsourcing, Consulting and Technology solutions to help their clients to successfully manage important programs and mission critical projects that transform their business processes and accelerate their financial performance.

10. Next Level IT Teleservices - NLIT Teleservices provides friendly and affordable call center services including telemarketing, customer support, and data entry services.


  1. ano to? anong basehan? ampapangit ng mga companyang ito.

  2. yup. i agree. im not from etel or nco but they should be here. ibm daksh should be on the list too.

  3. the other call centers like this Hit Rate Solutions , Support Save, Next Level IT Teleservices, E Pacific Global there dont have an address in their website. it's like they are not registered. Sykes, ibm, stream, acs htmt, nco should be here.....

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  5. yeah!! wheres IBM?...but still im proud to be a part of Teleperformance..

  6. I'm an employee of Convergys, but I agree that Teletech must be on the top rank!

  7. If you don't know most of the companies listed here then you might be in the wrong industry.

  8. Y kgb is not hir??

  9. Wahaha.. amazing,, how come, TELUS is not here when it is the employer of the year!

  10. this is not true!...cvg is better than teletech... we can attest to that, cos im with cvg while my brother is with teletech...

  11. Let them give their lists or rankings. We're all in the same industry anyway... There shouldn't be competition among ourselves. Let's just be happy and contribute whatever we can to make our country competent globally.

  12. I haven't had to pay for BPO's yet, but I have my first REO that is asking for a referral fee of 25% of listing side. Is this common? As far as BPO's I have been very successful with First American Value View. I get most of my BPO's from them. I am looking into others as I find them.
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  13. this was last february, any updates this october?.

  14. any comment (good and / or bad) about concentrix (formerly link2support)?

  15. Convergys is selling thier company to sykes, why isn't sykes hir?

  16. SITEL is 3rd? wow proud to work in Sitel Company! atleast not the last! ;/

  17. I suggest that you shouldn't question whoever conducted this survey, if it is. I'm so proud that TP turns out to be in the fourth place!! I am not so popular with the other so, I will just keep my comments for them. I'm a newbie in this industry!

  18. Im from tp and was a former TeleTech employee.. I agree, they deserve the top rank..

  19. ang laking joke ng ranking na to.. whats the basis then? pagandahan ng logo hehe. Based on revenue, number of accounts and productivity ito ang tunay na top 10

    1. Sykes Asia Philippines - the first in the industry,, they bought ICT contact center. Mostly ng mga account dito bigatin.

    2.Etelecare( Stream Global Services)- etel is etel, ang laki ng revenue ng company na to. Im once a part of it. Sa lahat ng call center ito yung may pinakamahal m maningil sa mag clients, why? they have the best people and they are one of the best.

    3.Convergys- no doubt they are really big, well as a matter of fact this bpo company belongs to top 500 company in the whole world.

    4. Teletech - They were to maintain on top despite of the comptetion.

    5. Telus - di lang mabango masyado but this bpo company is very competitive.

    6. IBM - the expansion of this company is amazing. In a short period of time they were able to acquire the best account in the industry.

    7. NCO - di natin alam nco is a group of bpo company under the management of lopez. This company is very filipino , ganda ng benefits.

    8.Sitel- a tough competitor.

    9.Teleperformance- thanks to verizon wireless nabubuhay nag kompanyang to.

    10.West - no doubt ang taas ng standards.

  20. im so confused with TELETECH and CONVERGYS.. which company is better for u guys? napasa ko kasi ung dalawa.. im new to the industry.. my starting date is on march 14 at convergys..

  21. ang pangit ng teletech! sila lang nakikinabang! mababa bigay na sweldo sa mga empleyado!

  22. Teleperformance sucks.. why is it here????

  23. Teleperformance? 100% CRAP!

  24. i am looking for a job so wher is the best to go for a cal center is it Teleperformance or Telus in Araneta Cubao..Tell e and help meplease...Thanks !


  26. E2 lng yan oh AEGIS PEOPLESUPPORT ;)

  27. Aegis People Support is da best!!!

  28. Wala ba kaung listahan ng worst companies? Well include Sutherland, not sure if you heard it but most of their sites sucks... bullshit with call center? no secure of tenurity anytime they can fire you even if you perform, they violate labor code and if in case you spent your life in call center (hope you'll not) all you get when you get off is a piece of sh*t called backpay.

  29. Mga basurang Call Center : TELEPERFORMANCE; CONVERGYS; TELETECH; ADVANCED CONTACT SERVICES; AEGIS PEOPLE SUPPORT; STARTECH;SITEL; SYKES; 24/7; mga sira ulo ng management dito; mapang api sa empleyado mga to.... halos nakawan ka na ng harap harapan sa dami ng bawas at laki ng ninanakaw sa inyo... IWASAN NYO PO MGA TO mga baguhan at walang alam sa call center ang naloloko nila..... Punta kayo sa Mckinley hills magaganda ang mga call center dito.... mas malaki at maganda benepisyo dito

  30. Guys any idea how long ang processing ng backpay sa Teletech? Thanks!

    Sharn fr Bacolod

  31. TELUS is the best all of the benefits they give are the best... Free load of 500 monthly, Power ID give discounts in every purchase. Free cellphone.. good referral bonus.. 10k signing bonus.. they really give.. May sariling Gold's Gym. Mataas magbigay ng sahod..

    CVG - mataas standard baba naman magbigay.. ska kahit kauuwi lang ng agent tatawag para pumasok ulit kahit wala sa oras..

    TP - hirap ng account ok lang sweldo pero sakal ka sa management..

    Teletech - good company pero kahit matagal kna ganun pa rin sweldo.

    NCO - average compensaton, free meal.. Many lang ang di stable na account.

    People Support - not yet encountered..

    Sitel - super baba ng offer 12k

    Sykes - ang baba rin ng offer may dicrimination pa sa educational attainment.

    TOP for me:
    1. JP Morgan ( pero parang di cia totally BPO )
    2. TELUS
    3. Emerson
    4. IBM
    5. Accenture

    1. ONE GLOBAL - crap.. haha wag nang balakin..

    That is my obdervation guys.. its up to you if you agree. Thanks

  32. for me NCO is the best.
    15k starting kahit no experience
    20% nigh diff
    salary not delayed at mas earlier pang dumadating
    monthly bonus if you got a high grade sa scorecard
    nice working env. lalo na sa new sites nila
    galing ng trainors
    e out is always available
    ok ang account
    avail pa ang calls
    may available transpo paglabas ng office
    di mahigpit sa dresscode
    and many more pa.

  33. stupid its not verizon who makes TP grows, before you leave comments,make sure you reseach further.

    THIS is the Top 4 bpo in terms of Revenue,
    1. TP
    2. convergys
    3. Sitel
    4. Teletech

    reseach before you comment......

  34. khit ano p sbhin nyo pare-pareho lng mga yan... mga MANGGAGAMIT... wlang security of tenureship, pg trip ka sipain they have their ways...kung gus2 mo tumagal ma22 k SUMIPSIP s mga OFFICERS na puro PLASTIC at PRO-MANAGEMENT!!!

  35. pareparehas lang yan ke nasa top o wala. aminin nyo na lang na marami ang nava-violate nitong mga call center/bpo companies na to sa labor code ng pilipinas. kaya nga pansinin nyo walang kahit isang call center/bpo company ang me union eh. sus naturingang boses ang puhunan sa negosyong eto pero parang pipi ang kanilang mga empleyado sa dami ng hinaing.

  36. I still love sykes i've been there before.. kahit maliit ang offer u know na un na tlaga makukuha u... di tulad ng iba malaki ang offer pro ubos na sweldo u dahil sa taxes..

  37. I worked at Teletech Pasay for 8 months before and my account there was an Australian Account. At the start, I was very impressed having a salary of 15K plus 1K meal allowance since it was my first employment. Time flies, I realized how bad this company is. I will provide different scenarios to justify this.

    1. Allowances: At the time you signed the contract, your only allowance is 1K Meal Allowance. If you enter regularization, you got an "amazing" additional PHP 500 Rice Allowance. That's it.

    2. Overtimes: Time Keeping System of Teletech is the infamous Kronos which has a capability of defaulting your overtimes into UNAPPROVED OTs. Unless it will be pulled out by your Supervisors and make them APPROVED OTs that will be the time they can be credited to your payslips. For 8 months, I had 2 disputes for these OTs. You might say because some TLs are sluggish but come to think of it, isn't it MANDATORY for them to credit it immediately for example you had long calls after shifts?

    2. PTOs: This company is offering 30 days Paid Time Outs compared to usual companies offering 15VLs and 15SLs. Some may perceive it good but allow me to explain that it is not the case all the time. There are times especially during weekends that we had these called "avail times" where for several minutes or even hours not a single call would come in. What Teletech would do is to FORCE YOU DO EARLY OUT at the expense of your credits. For example in an 8 hr shift, you were pushed out 4 hrs prior, the remainder 4 hrs will still be paid but deducted from your credits. Remember that accrual for credits is 1.25 days/month only, hence it is serious if they would do this every weekend.

    3. HMO: Single Status? Forget enrolling your parents to their HMO because their "company customized Maxicare" doesn't accommodate it.

    4. Performance appraisal or Quarterly Bonuses? Annual Increase: NONE strictly speaking about scorecard. In my australian account: Perfect attendance, passed all my QAs and AHT lower compared to standards (which makes my scorecard always run 4.0+ monthly), I have my monthly bonus of 1,200-1,600. Look and check with other call centers and you would understand the frustration. (By the way, the last incentive that I had was pro rated since I was about to resign, it's P800, they did not include it to my back pay.)

    continued. .

  38. 5. Queue? Definitely! Why? Because of incorrect staffing and the random implementation of PTOs. For example, 7am to 4pm schedule, at around 1PM it will start to get avail by 10-15mins. The OSC will start issuing PTOs to those who had shifts from 5AM-2PM and 6AM-3PM. If you belong to closing shift group, you are dead LITERALLY. The OSC is from Teletech Bacoor sometimes he would allow them to go on AUX (meaning no taking of calls but paid phone hours) and flagged us in Teletech Pasay to compensate for increasing # of calls. Before I resigned, there was approximately 10 incidents that I was the last agent in our site (this is not an exaggeration, and is serious). PTOS are issued to make mandatory day offs also. There was even a week (weekly schedule is being followed) that I only have to go to work 3days/week. This practice resulted to alot of my teammates losing all of their VLs and SL credits. Imagine the scenario if you would get really sick, then you don't have a choice but to have your monthly wage deducted.

    5. Labor Work: Oppressing. We started our Line of Business to Retail Sales Support Postpaid Mobile Phones. We are catering "phone and postpaid plan" dealers selling to their customers support like activating the phone, customizing their plans, integrating internet access, overriding unapproved applications, referring to collection agencies for unpaid debts and answer disputed charges for calls, texts and internet. SUPER AGENT? Hehe. OOOPPS. They did not stop there. They wanted us to be SUPERB100X AGENT because 2 months prior finalizing my days, they upgraded us to telephone, internet and cable support. ALL OF THIS WITHOUT A SINGLE CENT INCREASE. Imagine the scope of work you need to do above and multiply it after the upgrade. By the way we are dealing with corporate and consumer accounts.

    6. Equipments: It's a big folly that we have flat screens in Pasay. IT IS ONLY FOR TLS. If you are a starting or even a tenured agent, you would have a sluggish PC with POP UPs (this is based on 30+ PCs that I experienced. We are constantly moving to different parts of the building so I know how do they perform. Not mentioning the chairs which are limited and non-adjustable. If you happen to be with AT&T you got a brighter side in this aspect ALONE because they have faster PCs and better office chairs.

    7. VL approval: Due to exhausted PTOs and the company managing your credits, it would be very hard to file VLs. It is required to raise your intention at least 1 month ahead but the result will be most of the time within the week of your designated dates.

  39. 8. Cafeteria: There is only one cafeteria in Teletech Pasay. It usually depends on the concessionaire but the variety is definitely lacking. You might be thinking of going to SM MOA but considering the duration of walking back and forth plus the immense size of MOA, it is not practical for an hour lunch.

    9. Training: It might depend on the trainer. It is NOT true that Teletech holds best trainings. Expect training schedule is very erratic, changing weekly by opposites of day and night.

    10. RECENTLY MANDATORY OT: If you get hired into an Australian Account in Teletech Pasay, better rethink first before you sign the contract. The attrition was too high after the "upgrade to SUPERB AGENTS" that all remaining agents in our LOB has a mandatory 1 DAY OT per week. Though it's dayshift imagine working 6 days/week, queueing, and higher chances of OTs being left unapproved (due to their Knonos system)